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            145 King Street West, Suite 2200 | Toronto, Ontario | M5H 4G2 |

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            Minden Gross LLP is committed to giving back to our community. As business leaders, we promote social involvement through the donation of time, resources, and talent.

            We actively participate in and/or sponsor numerous local and global programs and projects. We believe that involvement in charitable, business, trade, and community organizations offers tremendous opportunities for personal and professional growth, while contributing to the development of our communities.

            We also contribute to the knowledge and growth of the profession by actively participating in the education of students, colleagues, and professionals. Our educators are award-winning lecturers and instructors at leading law schools across Ontario. We also contribute to journals, magazines, and scholarly books as editors and writers, and often speak at association and organization meetings and events.

            Minden Gross LLP supports the Justicia Project of the Law Society of Upper Canada. Implemented in 2014, the Justicia Project is designed to retain and advance women lawyers in private practice. The project has been integral to helping us increase the number of women in our practice by more than 10% over the past four years.

            Minden Gross LLP is committed to being a responsible environmental citizen. We are currently developing and implementing green initiatives in a variety of areas and are focusing on recycling and reductions in energy and resource consumption. As such, we have established an internal committee with the mandate to continually investigate and initiate best practices for reducing our environmental footprint. While we feel there is still a long way to go, we are taking steps to create, implement, and maintain sustainable practices in the workplace, as well as at 河南福彩app下载.

            Below are other environmental projects we are developing or have initiated:


            We have launched an internal lunch series to provide members of our firm with the opportunity to learn about environmental issues and ways in which they themselves can improve sustainability in both the workplace and at 河南福彩app下载.

            Energy and Lighting

            In order to conserve energy, we have installed motion sensors in our office to ensure that building lighting is on only when needed.

            Paper Reduction

            We struggle with becoming a truly paperless business. We are, however, taking steps to reduce our consumption by increasing our scanning and electronic distribution of documents instead of photocopying and printing every document. The firm works diligently to print promotional products on recycled paper, to us​e electronic invitations and registration for events, and to distribute electronic pay stubs. We are looking into increasing our use of electronic filing systems, digital invoicing, and increasing our use of recycled paper products.

            Our firm encourages the use of reusable cups for water and coffee. We have made an effort to reduce the use of water bottles by moving to re-fillable water dispensers and filtered water taps at sinks and coffee stations. We have changed our disposable coffee cups from paper to compostable/biodegradable cups.


            Our firm has an extensive recycling program together with our building managers. From paper to pop cans and bottles to printer toners, our goal is to reduce our waste as much as possible.


            We are in the process of replacing our high-energy consuming computers and screens with more energy efficient models as well as moving to shut down all electronic equipment overnight. Electronic waste such as computer towers and screens are donated to community programs and we recycle cell phones and batteries in conjunction with our building and Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP.

            Water Conservation

            Our offices have been retrofitted with automatic sinks to significantly reduce water consumption.

            Our People

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